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Patient Protection Survey - Participation is Critical

03/01/2023 2:21 PM | Anonymous

EMS Agencies,

We need input to inform our position. Your participation is CRITICAL.


SCEMSA is lobbying for passage of the Patient Protection Act this year. As a service director, we are asking for your assistance in participating in a benchmarking study for purposes of using an aggregated, and blinded, set of this data to support our lobbying efforts.

The study requests information that could be considered competitively sensitive information (CSI). CSI should never be exchanged with other third-parties, particularly competitors. Do not share this information with any other entity except for SCEMSA. If you provide CSI to another EMS agency, your organization, other members, and SCEMSA could increase its antitrust liability risk and undermine the objective of this exercise, which is to protect the patients of South Carolina. If you receive the information of another EMS Agency, even accidentally, inform your legal department immediately. No SCEMSA member or EMS Agency will receive this data in any form, including in an aggregated and/or blinded form. Jones Day will maintain this information and provide in an appropriate form to SCEMSA only. It is crucial that at all times, each organization operate independently and compete fully in the market. All contracts should be negotiated unilaterally. No member should coordinate with another agency on contracting strategy, terms, or during negotiations.

Data Instructions:

  • The data requests information for 2021 only. Do not supply current, 2022, or future information in any field.
  • Data should reflect transports that originate in South Carolina only.
  • Do not include air transport collections, if applicable.
  • Do not send protected health information.
  • Complete the attestation prior to submission.

If you can't get the data requested, please ask your billing company for assistance. If needed, contact Henry Lewis ( and with your permission, he can work directly with your billing company to have them submit the data requested.

We ask that you complete the data request by Monday, March 20, 2023 at the link below.



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