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South Carolina EMS Association

2024 ScEMSa SYMPOSIUM - paramedic competition


Regional competitions will be held on January 6, 2024.  Finalists will get to compete at the Paramedic Competition at the 2024 SCEMSA Symposium on Thursday, March 7, 2024. The awards reception will be Friday, March 8, 2024 at 5 pm. 

Fees may be paid online or mailed to SCEMSA, PO Box 1033, Summerville, SC 29484.

Friday, December 15, 2023 at 5:00 pm*** NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please read over all the details below before you register.

Paramedic Competition Guidelines

General Information:

  • Teams will compete in a preliminary competition within their region. Each licensed service will initially be limited to three (3) teams. The three-team limit may be exceeded after all applications are reviewed, and the additional teams do not cause the total number of competing teams in a region to exceed 15 in any one region.
  • The order of the preliminary competition will be determined upon receipt of registration. There will be no requests accepted for date or time assignments. Teams from the same service will be scheduled one after the other.
  • Other than officially authorized recording, no audio or video recording of any scenarios or team competitions is allowed in the preliminary or final competitions.
  • No one involved with the competition committee or acting as a judge is allowed to coach or assist with any team that is competing. Past competition committee members and/or judges are restricted from competing as team members for a minimum of two (2) years following their last date of service.
  • Team Registration fee is $100.

Team Rules:

  • Competition teams shall be made up of two (2) currently certified SC Paramedics. Team members shall be affiliated with the SC licensed service they are representing and remain in good standing from the time of application until after the final competition.
  • Team members shall compete in the uniform of the service they are representing.
  • Teams should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Each team competing will be responsible for providing the equipment indicated on the competition equipment list. No additional equipment may be used. The competition committee reserves the right to inspect all equipment prior to competition. Calipers and calculators are prohibited.
  • In the event that a team member is unable to compete in the preliminary competition due to illness or injury after the application deadline, a SC certified paramedic affiliated with the same service may compete in their place. Notification of personnel substitution shall be made to the local regional office no later than 24 hours prior to the competition date. The local regional office will notify the region having oversight of the competition immediately. No exception!

Final Competition:

  • The final competition will be composed of a realistically simulated practical scenario developed by the competition committee. The final competition champion team from the previous year is invited back to defend their title.
  • All teams competing in the final competition will be sequestered at a time and location to be determined and provided to each team. The order of competition will be determined by random drawing after sequestration is initiated. Once sequestration is underway, team members are prohibited from communication with anyone outside the room, via any means, including but not limited to cell phones, text messages, email, oral, writing, smoke signals, or Morse code. Failure to report at the assigned sequestration site at the assigned time will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • If a member of the returning championship team is unable to compete due to injury or illness, or if both team members are no longer affiliated with the sponsoring service of record when they won the championship, the team will be disqualified. No substitution will be allowed.
  • If a member of a regional champion is unable to compete in the final scenario due to injury, illness or if both team members are no longer affiliated with the sponsoring service of record when they won the regional preliminary competition, the team will be disqualified. The team placing 2nd in the regional preliminary competition will be offered a slot in the final competition representing the respective region. In the event that the 2nd place team is unable to compete, the 3rd place team will be offered a slot in the final competition. If neither the 1st , 2nd or 3rd place teams are able to represent the respective region, then the region will not be represented in the final competition.
  • Competition scenarios and judging criteria shall be based on the current DOT Paramedic Curriculum, Emergency Cardiac Care guidelines, SC Medication formulary, and SC approved skills list. Standing will be presumed to be in effect during the scenario. Judges may be used as medical control as required.
  • The results and decisions of the competition judges are final.
  • The competition committee reserves the right to change the rules and administrative guidelines at any time without prior notice.

South Carolina Paramedic Competition Equipment List

*Items not included below or quantities in excess of this list are prohibited*

This approved list and quantities are per team and NOT per team member


  • BSI PPE for Two (2) Attendants (Gloves, Eye, & Face), including N95 respirator
  • Venous Access Supplies for four (4) IVs, including site preparation, assorted catheters, securing of IV, and tubing (Medical and/or Trauma)- **IV fluids will be provided by the competition**
  • Medication Administration Supplies (any medication in the South Carolina Formulary)- assorted site preparation, syringes, needles, needless devices, etc... for accessing, preparing, and administering ET, SQ, IM, IV Bolus, and IV Infusion medications from ampules, vials, and prefilled syringes. **All medications/fluids will be provided by the competition**
Oxygen Delivery Supplies
  • One (1) each Nebulizer, Adult NRB, Adult Nasal Cannula, Pediatric NRB, Oxygen Supply Tubing **Adult Nasal Cannula with end-tidal will be accepted for use as a diagnostic tool**
  • One (1) each portable tank with a regulator
Ventilatory Management Supplies
    • One (1) set of each: NPA & OPA
    • One (1) set of BIADs
    • One (1) Adult Intubation Kit and One (1) Pediatric Intubation Kit (including handle and assorted standard blades- Mac/Miller/Combination). **Blades such as King Vision or any other enhanced optics are not allowed**
      • Two (2) each assorted endotracheal tubes with stylets
      • Miscellaneous ETT supplies as needed- water-soluble lubrication, securing devices, tape, syringes, etc.
    • One (1) each BVM with masks- Adult, Pediatric, Infant
    • One (1) each Adult and Pediatric McGill forceps
General Supplies
    • Supplies for Pleural Decompression- Four (4) needles maximum
    • Supplies for up to Two (2) Hemorrhage Control Tourniquets
    • Supplies for Four (4) occlusive dressings
    • One (1) each Paramedic Bandage Shears
    • Two (2) each Burn Sheets
    • Two (2) each Trauma Dressings
    • Ten (10) each 4x4
    • Five (5) each 5x9
    • Five (5) each 3" or 4" Kling
    • One (1) each tape- 1" and 2"
    • Four (4) each Triangular Bandage
    • Ten (10) each 3/4" to 1" Band-Aids
    • One (1) each Sharps container
    • One (1) each Emesis Bag
    • Two (2) each Cold Pack
    • One (1) each BGL monitor
    • One (1) each Adult BP Cuff
    • One (1) each Pediatric BP Cuff
    • One (1) each Stethoscope
    • One (1) each Penlight
**All other Equipment and Supplies will be provided as needed by the competition**


If you have questions about competition information,
please contact John Faulkner.

If you have questions about symposium attendee registration,
please contact Mandy Gattis,

Symposium Links

Early registration is available until Feb. 1.  After Feb. 1 prices increase by $50.


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