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SCEMSA Committees

The South Carolina EMS Association (SCEMSA) is committed to fostering excellence in emergency medical services (EMS) through advocacy, collaboration, and education. Our specialized committees are central to our mission, addressing various aspects of EMS to enhance care and support for providers throughout South Carolina.

Our committees:

Community Paramedicine/MIH Committee

  • Focus: Expanding the roles of EMS providers in community-based health services.
  • Activities: Developing Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) programs and initiatives to provide care outside traditional emergency responses.

Data, Administration and Compliance Committee

  • Focus: Ensuring best practices in EMS operations and adherence to regulations.
  • Activities: Overseeing data management, regulatory compliance, and administrative protocols.

Disaster Preparedness Committee

  • Focus: Preparing EMS systems for natural and man-made disasters.
  • Activities: Developing response strategies, training programs, and coordination efforts with other emergency services.

Education and Certification Committee

  • Focus: Enhancing the quality and accessibility of EMS education and certification.
  • Activities: Managing certification standards, conducting educational workshops, and overseeing continuing education.

Finance & Reimbursement Committee

  • Focus: Addressing financial aspects of EMS operations.
  • Activities: Ensuring effective financial management, exploring reimbursement models, and securing funding sources.

Health, Safety and Wellness Committee

  • Focus: Promoting the well-being of EMS providers.
  • Activities: Implementing health programs, safety protocols, and wellness resources to support EMS personnel.

Events Committee

  • Focus: Organizing SCEMSA events and gatherings.
  • Activities: Planning conferences, seminars, and community outreach events to engage and educate EMS providers and the public.

Legislative & Advocacy Committee

  • Focus: Influencing EMS-related legislation and policies.
  • Activities: Advocating for legislative changes, liaising with policymakers, and representing EMS interests at various levels.

Membership & Marketing Committee

  • Focus: Growing and engaging the SCEMSA membership.
  • Activities: Developing marketing strategies, membership drives, and promotional activities to expand and support the EMS community.


  • Focus: Honor the service and sacrifice of EMS professionals across South Carolina.
  • Activities: Coordinate with Honor Guards to provide ceremonial services, particularly during the annual EMS Memorial event each May.

South Carolina EMS Memorial Bike Ride

  • Focus: Honor fallen EMS providers and raise awareness of the risks EMS professionals face daily.
  • Activities: Organize annual bike rides to commemorate EMS providers who have lost their lives

Workforce Planning & Development Committee

  • Focus: Addressing the challenges related to EMS workforce shortages and career longevity.
  • Activities: Developing strategies for recruitment and retention, career development opportunities, and advocating for competitive compensation.

    Get Involved

    We invite all EMS providers to engage with our committees. Your participation can drive change, offer learning opportunities, and provide leadership experience. Each committee offers a unique way to contribute to and shape the EMS profession in South Carolina.

    If you're interested in joining this committee or others, please update your membership profile by logging into the SCEMSA website in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to any committee chair through their contact details found on our leadership page.

    Contact Us

    Interested in contributing? For more details on joining a committee or for more information on their specific activities, please reach out to us at or visit our Contact Page.

        Committees meet once per quarter in January, April, July, and October.  See our calendar of events for meeting dates, times, and virtual meeting links.

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