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Discover Your Future in Emergency Medical Services

Working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a rewarding and dynamic career choice. EMS professionals are crucial in providing life-saving care to those in need. From responding to medical emergencies to administering critical care, the field of EMS offers a unique and fulfilling work experience. Whether you're interested in becoming an EMT, paramedic, or pursuing a leadership role in EMS, the South Carolina EMS Association is dedicated to supporting your career growth and professional development. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others through a career in Emergency Medical Services.

What is Emergency Medical Services?

Emergency medical services (EMS) involves providing rapid medical care and swift movement of individuals experiencing medical emergencies. EMS professionals assess patients, provide immediate medical intervention, and ensure timely access to healthcare facilities. Their responsibilities include responding to emergency calls, administering first aid, performing CPR, and educating the public about injury prevention. Working in EMS has a meaningful impact on the community by saving lives, reducing the severity of injuries, and promoting public health and safety.

As an EMS professional, you acquire a wide range of valuable skills, including:

  • Rapid decision-making

  • Effective communication

  • Critical thinking

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure

  • Expertise in assessing and treating various medical conditions

  • Working as part of a dedicated team to provide the best possible patient care

Request a Personalized Consultation 

If you are exploring a career in Emergency Medical Services, you can request a personalized consultation with us. We can help connect you with an educational program or an employer that aligns with your specific requirements. Our services include providing information on education, employment, the EMS industry, and arranging a ride-along experience for you.

Personalized Consultation

Starting a Career in Emergency Medical Services

To start a career in EMS, find a suitable training program in your area. Explore our platform for various EMS programs in South Carolina and access a list of EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic courses. Technical institutes and community colleges offer guidance and support through the licensure process. After completing your program, you will be eligible for certification. Refer to the guidelines here for certification requirements in South Carolina.

Available EMS Courses

EMS Education Assistance


  • SC WINS: SC WINS (South Carolina Workforce and Industrial Needs Scholarship) offers EMT programs at no cost, providing individuals with an opportunity to pursue EMS education without financial burden. This initiative aims to support workforce development in critical areas such as emergency medical services.
  • Apprenticeship Carolina: Apprenticeship Carolina offers a unique approach to EMS education by allowing individuals to work in the field while simultaneously gaining hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. This work-based learning model provides a pathway for aspiring EMS professionals to develop their skills while earning a living.
  • Education Tuition Assistance: The South Carolina Office of Rural Health and the SC EMS Foundation provide education tuition assistance programs for individuals seeking to advance their careers in EMS. These programs offer financial support to eligible candidates, aiding them in pursuing formal education in emergency medical services.
  • SC Student Loan BOLD Program: The SC Student Loan BOLD Program serves as an additional resource for individuals pursuing EMS education. It offers financial support in the form of student loans, enabling students to invest in their professional development within the field of emergency medical services.

Already a certified EMS personnel?

Visit our career center to explore current job opportunities and find your next fulfilling role in the field of EMS.

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