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South Carolina EMS Award Recipients

Emergency Nurse of the Year Award

 Michelle Houck

Trident Health System

Michelle Houck from Trident Health System has been honored as the recipient of the Emergency Nurse of the Year award for her exceptional contribution to emergency care. Renowned for her clinical proficiency and active community involvement, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to enhancing the well-being of the community and making a positive impact.

EMT of the Year

Eddie (Catlin) Schroyer

Beaufort County EMS

Eddie (Catlin) Schroyer has been named the recipient of the EMT of the Year award for his exceptional performance and compassionate care in emergency medical services. Known for his strong work ethic, dedication, and outstanding commitment to patient well-being, Schroyer's exemplary service sets a high standard for EMTs everywhere.

EMS Telecommunicator of the Year

 Angela Stallings

Colleton County Sheriff’s Office

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Angela Stallings is recognized for her exceptional contributions to the dispatch operation of an EMS provider. She successfully consolidated Colleton County's dispatch centers and ensures that telecommunicators receive specialized training to improve emergency response. Angela's commitment to innovation and improvement has made her a highly respected figure in the county.

Robert D. Lesslie, MD Medical Control Physician of the Year

Dr. Wade Manaker

Dr. Wade Manaker is recognized for his commitment to clinical excellence in EMS and his advocacy for advancing emergency medical care. His diverse career, blending military service and medical expertise, has made a significant impact in the Charleston community. As a medical control physician for multiple agencies, he consistently goes above and beyond his duties, providing clinical guidance and contributing to educational initiatives. His unwavering commitment to education, patient care, and safety exemplifies exceptional leadership and dedication to advancing the field of emergency medicine.

AEMT of the Year Award

Jason Schroyer

Beaufort County EMS

The AEMT of the Year Award is for exceptional performance in EMS by an advanced EMT. Jason Schroyer consistently delivers high-quality medical care to the community and shows compassion through his actions. His commitment to continuous learning and professional development is commendable, and his leadership and teaching abilities have positively impacted his colleagues and students.

Jack Niles Award for

Excellence in Education

 Justin Miles-Miller

Central Berkeley Fire and EMS

 Justin Miles-Miller, currently serving as Assistant Chief, is a standout provider and instructor. He emphasizes practical application and long-term success for his students, while also providing essential support in mass casualty incident planning, public education, community outreach, and mentorship for new EMS providers. His unwavering commitment to patient care and mentorship has had a lasting impact, making him an ideal recipient of this award.

Paramedic of the Year

Heather (Nickie) Jarrell

Beaufort County EMS

With over 17 years of experience, Heather (Nickie) Jarrell consistently goes above and beyond in providing skilled medical care. Her compassionate and calm approach has been instrumental in bringing order to chaotic situations. Beyond emergency calls, she extends her care by providing ongoing support to patients. Her dedication to improving patients' quality of life led to her initiative to create an Adopt-a-Grandparent program. Heather's kindness, compassion, and humble service set a noteworthy example for others.

Director of the Year

 Michael Hall

First Priority Medical Transport

Michael Hall embodies these qualities and has significantly improved EMS outcomes across South Carolina. He implemented innovative programs to address the crisis of recruitment in the next generation of pre-hospital providers, resulting in a 44% increase in students and employees. Additionally, he established a community paramedicine program to address health disparities in rural populations. Hall's community involvement and impactful leadership style reflect his commitment to serving others and fostering personal and professional growth.

H. Dean Douglas South Carolina

EMS Advocate of the Year

George Rice

 George Rice, has demonstrated a lifetime of advocacy for EMS. He has dedicated himself to increasing awareness of EMS and has humbly served as an ambassador for the profession. His philanthropy and remarkable ability to empower those around him have made him an inspiration and role model to countless individuals, both in and outside the EMS community across the state.

Warren D. McBride Award

Greg Shore

Medshore Ambulance Service

Greg Shore, with over 50 years of service as an EMS professional and visionary agency leader, has made a lasting impact. Beyond his work in EMS, he has contributed to various social issues and generously donated his time as a licensed pilot to support nonprofit organizations. His journey reflects the quintessential American dream, embodying personal responsibility, hard work, and a dedication to meeting the needs of his community. Starting with a single ambulance and a dream, his company has grown into a thriving business that provides essential care across his community and beyond.

PIER Award for Public Information and Education In EMS

Central Berkeley Fire and EMS

Central Berkeley Fire and EMS collaborates with local first responder agencies to maximize public outreach. Their public information office uses social media effectively to inform and educate the public, benefiting numerous organizations and events. The agency's strong community involvement includes partnerships with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and participation in fire safety programs, such as installing free smoke detectors. They have also facilitated various community events, establishing them as a go-to resource for agencies in the area.

Small system of the Year 

 Prisma Health Specialty Services- Midlands Specialty Care

Specializing in neonatal, pediatric, and adult critical care, their team of Critical Care RNs, Respiratory Therapists, Critical Care Paramedics, and EMTs utilize advanced technology to provide specialty therapies to their patients. As part of a larger organization, they work in collaboration with their Trauma, Stroke, and STEMI programs to exceed national standards in each field, while also promoting public education and emphasizing worker safety and well-being through their LiveWell program.

Large System of the Year 

Charleston County EMS

Charleston County EMS has implemented new safety, training, and community outreach initiatives to improve service quality. In response to healthcare workforce shortages and a growing population, they have demonstrated a willingness to innovate and grow. Their efforts include implementing an EMT academy, expanding response units, and conducting groundbreaking medical research. They continue to prioritize safety and patient care by adding portable ultrasound to their emergency vehicles and partnering with local agencies to address the opioid epidemic. With over 280 personnel, they have continuously demonstrated their commitment to serving the citizens and visitors of Charleston County, celebrating their 50th anniversary as an EMS system.

Paramedic Competition

Regional Winners

Midlands - Kershaw County EMS: Scott Dunham and Donya Irby

Upstate - Greenville County EMS: David McKay and Conner Slaughter

PeeDee - Lifelink Air: Alex Watson and Cody Chavis

Lowcountry - Central Berkeley Fire and EMS: Justin Miles-Miller and Scott Miles-Miller

Returning Champions from 2023 Spartanburg EMS: Jason Scruggs and Grant Cogdell

2024 Paramedic Competition State Champions

 Spartanburg EMS

Jason Scruggs and Grant Cogdell


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